DDCO is a renowned real estate development firm specializing in high-end luxury homes.  Established in 2006, DDCO has been changing the face of development in the West Hollywood and Beverly Hills area.  The in-house team of architects and home designers are dedicated to creating homes that are spacious, beautiful and innovative. Each home offers a combination of quality materials and superior design, where every detail is meticulously crafted. Their designs are based on experience and professional expertise, as well as feedback from homeowners near the community. They stay tuned in to what modern homeowners need, such as open floor plans and kitchens with a plethora of space, master bedrooms that offer a refuge from the busy days and outdoor living areas that maximize the space for entertaining. DDCO works closely with engineers to incorporate the latest building techniques and materials that meet the quality standards of our knowledgeable buyers. These features include LEED certified Italian Kitchens and lighting and CRESTRON smart systems which integrate all of the features of the homes. This means you get a well-built home that's thoughtfully tailored to the demands of the modern homeowner. DDCO knows that the home is the foundation of a lifestyle, and honors that sentiment by making sure every home meets the homeowners every desire.


DDCO strives to produce a measurable value for clients and strives to improve and innovate each succeeding project. This expertise is evident by the long record of success in the record prices set in the area, never falling short of a preceding project.  


DD&CO Enterprises, DD&CO, DDCO
DD&CO Enterprises, DD&CO, DDCO



Founder and President of DDCO, David works closely with his team of contractors, engineers, architects, designers and brokers to build quality homes in record timeframes. David has been involved in the high-end real estate management construction for much of his working career. David’s interest and talent for construction came at a young age, growing up on the jobsite with his father building and leasing out high end retail spaces in Los Angeles. However, David was fascinated with the development and design aspect of real estate and found a niche in residential developments that needed to be fulfilled.  David holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Master’s of Business both from Pepperdine University. In addition, he holds a law degree from the University of La Verne in Southern California. David meticulously works on each and every step, from initial acquisition of the property and project planning to the completion of a cutting-edge contemporary masterpiece.




Danniel holds a BA in Hospitality Management. Upon completion of his studies, Danniel joined DDCO Enterprises. Danniel controls the logistical end of the business, by handling all purchases, hiring of contractors as well as permit processing.


With a background in restaurant hospitality, Danniel still joined forces with David to strengthen the company. Over the years, Danniel has a developed a great passion for Real Estate.


DD&CO Enterprises, DD&CO, DDCO
DD&CO Enterprises, DD&CO, DDCO



With a flair for integrating aesthetics with functionality,

Sharon Zad's eye for design elevates interiors to their highest potential.


An integral member of DD&CO Enterprises, she brings the unique perspective of understanding the transformative process of real estate development into interior design. This allows Sharon to provide design services that properly accentuate gorgeous interiors with seamless, complimentative additives to exist in harmony.